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8 Holes Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



Application:Agriculture,Industrial,Medicine and Acakemy

Product Introduction

8holes Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer


Protein Tester is used to universally determine crude protein content with wide spectrum of application form food supplies, beverage, cotton and other agricultural products by Kjeldahl method.


KDN-BI seires Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer have digestion furnance configuration,including 4holes and 8holes.

Electric heating digestion furnace with 4 holes, 8 holes, 12 holes, 20 holes optional.

According to the test sample quantity by the user to matching the appropriate digestion furnace.Digeste a batch of sample need about 40 minutes(According to the nitrogen content of samples).

Process:   Kjeldahl analyzer----  Electric heating ---- Digestion furnace -----  Distiller

Technical Parameters

 Measuring range:0.05%-90%(nitrogen content)

Precision:Relative Error :≤2%  parallel error:≤0.2%

Measurement time:Digested a batch of sample about 45 minutes(According to the nitrogen content of samples).distiller about 6 minutes.

Power supply:AC220V/50 Hz

Power: 4 holes digestion furnace:1200w , 8 holes :2400w   

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