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Portable soil nutritions tester




Product Introduction

 Portablesoil nutritions tester 

Model:  YN-1000

1.  Brief introduction:

The portable soil nutritiontester can be used to measure theammonium nitrogen,available phosphorus, availablepotassium,and  alkaline hydrolysis nitrogencontained in a soil sample .A LCD  screenis used and the AC and the DV 3V power supplyare available. And the resolutionis in the range of 0.001 – 9999 .

2.  Technical specifications

1.  Stability : The drift values are not more than 0.5% T(Transmittancy)or 0.003 A(Absorbancy) within 3 minutes after warming up .

2. Sensitivity : Kλ≥4.50×10-5  , (Obtained using the copper sulfate standard solution).

3. Repeatabilityerrors :  0.5 (Obtained using the potassiumdichromate solution) .

4. Linear error s: linear error ≤±8% @Absorbance range : 0.1~0.3,;, linear error : ≤ ±4% @ Absorbancerange 0.3~0.6;,linear error ≤ ±6% @Absorbance range 0.6~0.8 (Obtained using the copper sulfate standardsolution) .

5. Power :  ≤ 5W ( AC) .

6. Testing time ≤ 1 hourfor finishing the measurement of one sample (including  N, P, K ) .

3.Instruments performances:

1.   Multifunction : This tester can be used to measure the  ammonium nitrogen, available phosphorus,available potassium, hydrolysis nitrogen, pH ; soil moisture ; N, P, K in fertilizerand urea, ammonium nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium ( allpharmacy is available ) in a compound fertilizer.

2.    Wellappointed: The reagents/pharmacy,appliance, and the meter  are included,just like a small Laboratory. Itis   portable and  suitable to be used for agricultural  service in countryside.

3.    East touse: the operation is easy due to the combined extract reagents exclusivelydeveloped by our group ( patented ).The time for extracting nutrition from the sample is within 5 minutes.  The reagents are well bottled and are providedby the company once they are run out.

4.    High performance: Working stability is 6times higher  than the one in Chinesestandard JJG179-90, Repeatability can be reached to grating-typespectrophotometer standard.

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