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NB2-13G/T series medium-temperature resistance furnace




Product Introduction

NB2-13G/T series medium-temperature resistance furnace:

Scope of application

The products are widely applied in the chemical analysis and physical determination for labs in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc; sintering stoneware, porcelain and ceramics ;high-temperature heat treatment for metal annealing quenching and tempering

Product solution

We offer various series of standardized products to satisfy the requirements of most customers. We can also provide solutions tailored to your unique requirements on heat treatment. We are ready to serve you upon request.

Product features

■ Patented furnace door: Adopt the nationally patented automatic parallel pressure furnace door to ensure that high- temperature heat will not leak out of the furnace. Patent No:200720028142.4.

■ Appearance design patent: The appearance of our products is aesthetically attractive and novel and under the protection of a national patent numbering 200730163750.1.

■ Multiple safety protections: A number of protective measures are available, including over-current, over-pressure and over-heating protection, etc. (automatic power off and alarm when the surface temperature of furnace body is over 150℃).

■ New integral construction: The electric furnace adopts a design integrating the controller and furnace body, with selected quality materials and exquisite workmanship. They are your trustworthy super quality resistance furnaces.

■ Excellent heat insulation performances: Adopt super quality heat insulation material-ceramic fiber board as the heat insulation layer with excellent heat insulation performances. The surface temperature of furnace body does not  exceed 50℃after the temperature inside furnace is increased to 1000℃and maintained for 1 hour.

■ Rapid temperature rise: The ceramic fiber series hearth features rapid temperature rise from room temperature to  1000℃in only 20 minutes; it takes about 60 minutes for the temperature of high-aluminum series electric furnaces to rise from room temperature to 1000℃.

■ Automatic temperature rise program: Adopt the preheating program with auto temperature rise developed independently by this company. The operator need not monitor or adjust the working current. So the user can be freed from complex operations.

■ Programmed temperature control: Adopt standard 30-step or 60-step fuzzy PID control technology, with high precision in temperature control, small thermal shock, reliable performance and simple and easy operation

Type selection of electric resistance furnaces

T-series hearth

It adopts high-density ceramic fiber, an emerging modern refractory material, featuring light weight, rapid

temperature rise, time saving, etc, to satisfy the requirements on rapid sintering under various conditions. It is the optimal substitute for traditional hearth.

G-series hearth

It adopts traditional refractory material and features wide application, high performance-price ratio, long service life etc.

NB2-13T/GSeries Technical Specifications


Model NB2-4-13G NB2-6-13G NB2-8-13G NB2-4-13T NB2-6-13T NB2-8-13T
Hearth dimensions(mm) 250X150X100 400X200X160 500X200X180 250X150X100 400X200X160 500X200X180
Furnace volume 4L 13L 18L 4L 13L 18L
Design temperature 1300℃
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Temperature control method PID temperature controller
Temperature rise rate ≤15℃/min for T-series ≤50℃/min for T-series
Input power 4kw 6kw 8kw 4kw 6kw 8kw
Source voltage AC220V AC380V AC380V AC220V AC380V AC380V
Heating elements Straight-type silicon carbide U-type silicon carbide Straight-type silicon carbide U-type silicon carbide
Sensor S-type platinum and rhodium
Dimensions(mm) 620x500x660 770x600x770 850x850x700 620x500x660 590x520x620 850x850x700

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