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HNY-810/HNY-820/HNY-850/HNY-880 Double-decked laboratory shaker




Product Introduction

Double-decked laboratory shaker:


1. Well constructed for long term operation.

2. Advance technology ensuring mechanical stability and reliability of operation.

3. Shaking mechanism is constructed with chromium alloy material and high quality cast iron.

4. Circuit breaker protect against excess current, power-off memory to return to original setting, soft start prevents splashing, auto cut-off if motor overheat.

5. Precision microprocessor control system, accuracy of speed ± 1rpm.

6. Brushless high torque motor, maintenance free.


Model HNY-810 HNY-820 HNY-850 HNY-880
Control mode P.I.D microcomputer processing chip
Oscillation mode convolution Reciprocate convolution Reciprocate
Display LED digital display
Cyclotron frequency range 30-300rpm/min
Cyclotron accuracy ±1
Shake plate shimmy range(mm) Ø26
Max configuration 100ml*22/250ml*12/500ml*8 250ml*92/500ml*66/1000ml*36(double)
Standard configuration 250ml*12 250ml*46(double)
Plate size(mm) 430*325 800*600
Plate number 1 2(double)
Size(mm) 456*380*195 900*640*780(double)
Power(w) 80 200
Voltage AC220±10% 50-60HZ


HNY-810/HNY-820/HNY-850/HNY-880 Double-decked laboratory shaker Please inquiry,we will reply in 24h
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