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PW-812 Automatic Micro-Plate Washer




Product Introduction

 PW-812 Automatic Micro-Plate Washer

  It is controlled by computer to wash 48 well and 96 well microplate in experiments of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Time-Resolved Immunofluorometric Assay (TRFIA) and Chemiluminescence, which are widely used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, centers for disease control and prevention, animal and plant quarantine, animal husbandry and veterinary epidemic prevention stations, biotechnological industries, food industries, environmental science, agricultural scientific research and other academic organizations.


  3.5-inch LCD display.

  Easy to name, edit and save different 100 wash programs.

  Any line and hole can be easily cleaned, unnecessary to complement the whole plate or strip.

  Stop or Pause key in the panel can be chosen to stop or pause during working.

  Aspirating in 2 positions, residual volume <0.7μl.

  Multi-plate can be selected by default settings or manual operation.

  Microplate holder is detachable, which makes easy to disinfect and maintain it.

  Suitable for flat, U and V-bottom microplates.

  Special rinse procedure makes easy to maintain the device and reduces contamination between     plates.

  Wash bottle filter keeps sediment in the solution away the pipes.

  The control technology for pump pressure can avoid clogging in needles.

  Automatical rinse procedure by distilled water when turn on or turn off can avoid crystallizing in the     pipes.

  Detachable manifolds makes easy to clear particles in the manifolds.

  Waste water sensor avoids overflow in the waste bottle.

  Scientific structure design avoids bottom contaminating.

  Patent design of washer manifolds avoids it out of position or flop.

Main Technical Parameters:

  Plate models: flat-, round -, U-, V- plate (96-well and 48-well)

  Manifold types: 8- and 12- way

  Wash times: 1 to 99 times adjustable

  Wash lines: 1-12 lines selectable

  Residual volume: <0.7 μl /well

  Wash mode: plates or strips

  Dispensing uniformity: CV < 1.5%

  Dispensing volume: 50-950 μl, interval 50 μl adjustable

                                       (May extend to 0-6000 μl, interval 25 μl adjustable)

  Number of dispensing channels: 3 channels, can be extended to 5 channels

  Soaking and shaking time: 0-999 (seconds/minutes/hours) adjustable

  Aspiration time: 0.1-9.9 seconds adjustable, interval 0.1second

  Pipeline wash time: 0-240 seconds adjustable

  Distilled water automatically wash interval: 0-20 plates

  Operation language: English


  Power Supply 220V AC ± 30%,50Hz ± 3 Hz


  External Dimensions 44.6cm (17.5 in) × 36.8cm (14.5 in) × 16.4cm (6.4 in)


  Net Weight 9kg


  1. There are 3 kinds of devices: PW-812N, PW-812 and PW-812plus.

  2. There is only one solution bottle for PW-812N.

  3. PW-812 plus with added features:

      a) Auto discharge function for waste water.

      b) Water mist catching device keeps vacuum pump dry.

  4. Solution bottle/waste water bottle: 300ml, 2000ml, 5000ml, 10L/ 20L

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