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NB32 8mm Colorimeter


Model:NB32 8mm


Product Introduction
Product Description
Colorimeter NB32 8mm
Repeat accuracy:ΔE<0.03 Display Mode:CIELAB ……
Sensor:Photodiode array Color difference formula:ΔEL*a*b ΔECMC ……
Measure the caliber:8mm Lighting the way:8/d
Measurement conditions:10°observer Light source:A C D50 D65 ……


    The colorimeter is applicable in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, plastics,

pigments, paints, inks, printing, metal, photography, toys, and other industry color quality control, color control, color

analysis, sample testing, production line testing, also suitable for injection molding, ink, paint, spray and other auxiliary


    NB32 more light, more color difference formula to meet customer demand for more measurements.

● High-end color difference meter NB32 to fill the gaps in the field of color difference meter high repeat accuracy,

   repeatability of Δ<0.03.

● High-end color difference meter NB32 with 8 standard light source, to fill gaps in the domestic color difference

   meter in the multiple light sources.

● High-end color difference meter NB32 with 8 kinds of color difference formula, to fill the domestic blank color

   difference evaluation in various ways.

● High-end color difference meter NB32 the exclusive release color simulation function.

    NB32 precision colorimeter 8mm caliber version is a general-purpose color difference meter, considering the general

method for detecting color and apply from all walks of life habit, and considering the requirements of measuring diameter

size of various materials in measurement and developed. NB32 precision colorimeter 8mm caliber version because of its

versatility and its tiny difference, between the measurement stability, cross-industry color provides great convenience and

reliable reliability for all walks of life, the industry

    WAVE photoelectric colorimeter as manufacturers with advanced technology, NB series of color difference meter has

more advantages:

1. The stability of the color space measurement of unique (i.e. repeatability) technology, NB32 domestic optimal

    repetitive precision of ΔE<0.03

2. The measuring speed is the fastest, the measurement time is 0.5s;

3. Automatic correction of patent technology built-in whiteboard unique, both to ensure the precision of the

    instrument, but also simplifies the operation of users, allows users to experience the real "make measurement


4. Cone measurement using port design, both for the convenience of visual positioning, and can measure the

    sunken surface;

5. The most intuitive, fast, simple operation interface in the domestic color difference meter: the interface design

    page type, graphical, a school will be, easy to use.

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